Dairy and Bull Semen

Quality Semen and Breeding Techniques like Artificial Insemination (AI) are vital to milk and meat production, fertility and longevity in Dairy Cattle production. Through our partnership with international semen distributors like Select Sires, farmers can access the best bull semen genetics suitable for our tropical climate, environmental elements and feeding methods.   

Traditionally, insemination occurs subsequent to a cow showing physical and physiological signs of estrus (heat). These signs include mounting other cows, mucus discharge, swelling and reddening of the vulva, and restlessness. Heat detection and timing of Insemination for Dairy Cattle is crucial, as failure to detect estrus is a main cause for low fertility following insemination.

Local farmers can access the technical expertise, training workshops and other information to perform Artificial Insemination on their cows. 

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