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F1 Gilts and Duroc Semen

Collecting quality pig semen and producing replacement gilts begin with a rigorous selection process that assesses performance, body condition and litter size. To maximise the Hybrid Vigour of offsprings, this follows a simple three-way cross of maternal line of pigs; The Landrace and the Yorkshire to produce the F1 Gilt. 

Our F1 gilts are bred with all the best traits of these two breeds – excellent growth rate, fertility and other characteristics associated with the sire and dam. F1 gilts designated for distribution are selected from healthy, high-performing sows with a history of weaning large litter. 

The third cross involves crossing the F1 Pig with the Duroc to produce the commercial pig. The Duroc pig yields large carcasses with good marbling of the meat, fast growing off springs and are known for producing large litters.

The excellent characteristics of the Duroc, coupled with the quality productions practices of Newport Genetics, fresh Duroc pig semen can be purchased at Newport Mills Limited and other locations island wide. Farmers can contact Newport Mills Limited for technical advice and training in Artificial Insemination (AI).