Veterinary Services

With years of expertise, local farmers with either small or large operations, 50 layer birds, or 1000 broiler birds can access free consultation and farm visits by our Livestock team.

Our team operates islandwide, and have the resources and expertise to advise farmers on how to improve their farming techniques and overall operations.

Depending on your location, our Vets and Livestock specialists are available to provide technical advice and/or schedule farm visits.


Dr. Gabrielle Young – Livestock Support Manager.
Contact: 876.279.9576

Dr. Patrick Craig – Eastern side of Jamaica.
Contact: 876.552.6263

Dr. Gilbert Williams – Western division of Jamaica.
Contact: 876.564.2184

Livestock Specialists

Stanford Hamilton – Eastern division of Jamaica.
Contact: 876.579.7090

Andre Williams – Western side of Jamaica.
Contact: 876.382.8882