Westmoreland farmers hail Nutramix top seller

WESTMORELAND farmer Richard McKenzie remembers the struggles he faced when he started farming. “It was a constant struggle,” McKenzie is quoted as saying in a release. “Money was hard to come by. I didn’t know where I would find the funding to purchase feeds for my chickens and pigs. “But thanks to the kindness of...


Feed store owner caters to needs of farmers in Anchovy

AFTER relocating to St James from Kingston about five years ago, Donna Gordon had no idea what she would do for a living. She had previously worked at Stationery & Office Supplies in Kingston for close to 15 years. “My other half had moved to Montego Bay, so I decided to come down here. I...

February 21, 2018June 26, 2019by

Dairy farmers given good vibes and music

The contribution of small farmers in rural areas usually goes unnoticed. However, several dairy farmers from St Thomas were recently recognised by Nutramix for their hard work and the role that they have played in the growth of the dairy industry. The company recently hosted a lyme at the Seaforth Community Centre, in which the...

December 23, 2017June 26, 2019by