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Newport Mills Limited was established in 1985 and now, we’re known as the premier manufacturer of animal nutrition all across the Caribbean. We supply livestock feed for Broiler, Layer, Pigs, Cattle, Horse, Small Ruminant, Turkey, and Dog Food. We also sell animal minerals; Nutravit and Kalvolac. Along with our line of livestock feed, we provide semen for Pig, Cattle, and Small Ruminant.

As leaders in our field, we have recognized our responsibility to farmers. We’ve dedicated our efforts and resources to become to go-to experts on Animal Nutrition, Genetic Improvement, Veterinary Services. When farmers are ready to step into the Future of Farming, and improve their operation, Nutramix, dubbed “the BIG feed” should be their first call.

For the CB Group, leading the Safe Food movement means providing our customers with products they can trust; products certified to the highest international standards.

Nutramix is future-focused, committed to creating sustainable industries by introducing new technologies and techniques to our farmers. We acknowledge the important role our farmers play in society and recognized the need to equip them with the right information, resources, and partnerships.

For over a decade, Nutramix has led the charge for Genetic Improvement in our local Pig, Dairy, Bull and small ruminants’ industries. Our international partnerships, coupled with years of extensive training in breeding techniques like Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer has enabled the company to formulate a livestock development plan, which aligns with national production and environmental objectives of each industry.

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Guides and Manuals

Our animal nutrition experts and veterinarians have worked to develop detailed and accessible Guides, suitable for all farmers whether you’re just starting out or already decades into the industry.

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Nutramix is a Proud Partner of the Drink Real Milk Campaign.