Our Team

At the BIG FEED, we pride ourselves on our working environment. We are the best at what we do and we work hard to ensure this. Nationally and Internationally recognized for our safe and clean facilities, pride radiates from all the men and women who work at Nutramix.

There are 5 elements to our great company culture:

1. Vision: Our Mission Statement defines our values and purpose.

2. Values: Our values are the core of our culture. Our values act as a guideline on the mindsets of our employees, and are needed to achieve our vision.

3. Practices: Values are of little significance unless they are protected within a company’s practices. We encourage an open door policy, where all employees’ opinions are valid. We also pride ourselves in our place of birth; we are Jamaican and we believe in buying Jamaican to help build our economy.

4. People: No company can build a coherent culture without people who share the same core values, or at least possess the willingness to learn these values. Our people are our greatest asset and we invest in them by providing training, seminars, job development workshops and opportunities for educational advancement. Helping our people grow is the surest way to maintain our success.

5. Teamwork: We form a team in all we do. We work, train, develop and laugh together. Everyone’s opinion matters.