25+ Years Producing Quality Feed.

About Newport Mills

Newport Mills Limited, established in 1985, have been at the forefront of regional animal nutrition, genetic improvements and Veterinary Services. Manufacturers for Nutramix – The BIG FEED and Front Runner, we produce a wide range of products that meet the needs of thousands of farmers ranging for small to large livestock production.

We supply livestock feed for Broiler, Layer, Pigs, Cattle, Horse, Small Ruminant, Turkey, Fish and Dog Food. We also sell animal minerals; Nutravit and Kalvolac. Along with our other products, we provide semen for Pig, Cattle and Small Ruminant.

Our facility, located in Newport East, Kingston, boast globally recognized (SQF) Safety Quality Foods accreditations.

In February 2020, Newport Mills Limited was awarded the (SQF) Safety Quality Foods certification, replacing our ISO: 9001 HACCP and GMS certifications. SQF is a rigorous global Food Safety program that includes improved processes, allergen management and food defence.

Newport Mills Ltd. is an industry leader in all aspects of quality control and food safety, helping to secure the future of livestock farming in the region by leading the way and incorporating all farmers – large and small – in the SAFE FOOD Movement.

Local & Regional Distribution:

With over 150 partnering farm stores across the island, our distributors play an important role in our year-to-year success, and the continued support from local farmers. We provide workshops and training seminars to farm stores and their team members of livestock welfare and product information. By extending our expertise to our distributors, it enables them to provide better services to their customers every day.

Our feed is also exported to several Caribbean and South American countries. In partnership with international specialists, we train the farmers on feeding and management practices so they are able to supply quality products to their local markets.

Our Livestock Support & Sales Team:

Our Livestock team has some of the best Veterinarians and Livestock specialists in the region. With years of expertise, local farmers with either small or large operations, 50 layer birds, or 5000 broiler birds can access free consultation and farm visits by our Livestock team.

Our Technical Sales team operates island-wide, and has the resources and expertise to advice farmers on how to improve their farming techniques and overall operations; and most importantly, how to get the best return on their money. : www.mycbgroup.com