Committed to Safety

The CB Group has pledged to provide Jamaica and the Caribbean with safe food at the highest quality, and in the last three decades, we have heavily invested not only in the latest technology and equipment to maximize operational efficiencies in our feed mill, but also in the training and development of all our team members, aligning them to international best practices and safety standards.

In 2007 and 2008, Newport Mills Ltd. went through a major upgrade and expansion. It is now the most modern feed mill in the Caribbean, while significantly increasing its capacity and ability to help grow agriculture throughout the region. This has been possible through a focus on training and management systems.

In August 2010, under the guidance of our Quality Management Systems Team, Newport Mills was certified for ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and GMP. Accredited by SGS of Switzerland – the world’s leading auditing and certification company – Newport Mills Ltd. became the first and only feed mill in Jamaica to be accredited and adhere to these internationally recognized certifications.

In 2014, we were re-certified for all three of these industry standards. Today, Newport Mills Ltd. is an industry leader in all aspects of quality control and food safety, helping to secure the future of livestock farming in the region by leading the way and incorporating all farmers – large and small – in the SAFE FOOD Movement. Producers and consumers in Jamaica and the Caribbean can trust that with Nutramix®, there is no better.

In February 2020, Newport Mills Limited was awarded the (SQF) Safety Quality Foods certification, replacing our ISO: 9001 HACCP and GMS certifications. SQF is a rigorous global Food Safety program that includes improved processes, allergen management and food defence.

This certification signals our commitment to the health and performance of your livestock and securing business and guaranteeing access to international markets. Choosing The Big Feed means choosing Safe Feed and guaranteeing access to these opportunities.

For Nutramix® and the CB Group, leading the SAFE FOOD movement means providing our customers with products they can trust; products certified to the highest international standards.