Frequently Asked Questions


Myers Wharf, Newport East in Kingston 15, Jamaica.

While Nutramix® may be best known for our quality livestock feeds such as chicken, pigs, dairy and meat cattle, goats, sheep and fish, we also offer a full range of feeds for all type of animals, including pets like dogs, rabbits, ostriches and many more.

Our quality feeds are available island wide from many local farm stores and distributors. See a list of these distributors here. You can also buy directly from Newport Mills Ltd. by contacting our Sales Team. Click here to visit our Contact Page.

The main ingredients – corn and soy – are imported commodities. What this means is that our raw material costs are affected by foreign exchange rates and other global conditions. As with most businesses where raw material costs change, selling prices change as well.

We provide technical assistance to our customers. Our knowledgeable team of Technical Sales Representatives and Veterinarians also conduct farmers’ workshops island wide and provide on-farm training. Sign up to stay informed about our workshops by visiting our Contact page.

Yes, but there are different price levels depending on the amount you are buying. For a few bags, check your local NUTRAMIX® dealer for the best deal.

Depending on the amount of feed you buy, and the payment terms agreed on between Newport Mills and you, there might be an opportunity for discounts. You may also be entitled to free haulage. Talk to your Technical Sales Representative for more details.

Manchester, St. Elizabeth: Andre Williams +1876.382.8882
Westmoreland, Hanover, St. James: Danree Delancey +1876.382.8883
Trelawny, St. Ann: Kenneth Bailey +1876.382.8884
St. Mary, Portland, St. Thomas: Balfour Thomas +1876.382.8885
St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Clarendon: Winston Thomas +1876.382.8886

Yes, we do sell the best Baby Chicks in Jamaica; locally hatched in an internationally certified hatchery, and vaccinated against Newcastle disease, Bronchitis (and IBD coming soon!). Check your Technical Sales Representative or your Grain Store for top-quality Pullets too!

Because it is! NUTRAMIX® Feed has been the quality leader for many years. We do not take shortcuts or cuts corners. We do not change formulas unless there is a proven benefit. We use the best ingredients and source these from the best suppliers. We test our own Broiler feeds, Pig feeds and Layer feeds on our own farms, right here in Jamaica. When you put in so much effort, you have to be the best.

Depending on your feed system, you may have a preference for meal or crumbles or pellets. In general, pellets and crumbles allow the animals to eat a little more feed in less time. Pelleted and crumbled feed cost a little more, but you may find a bit less wastage too.

Check your Technical Sales Representative. NUTRAMIX® employs animal husbandry specialists and veterinarians that will be pleased to assist.

Using only NUTRAMIX® feed will put you in the forefront of the Safe Food movement. NUTRAMIX® feeds are manufactured in an ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP certified facility.  That is the easiest way to get peace-of-mind, knowing that you are providing your animals and your customers with safe, wholesome, certified nutrition!


You will need about 1 bag for every 5 broiler birds from day-old to market.

Layers in full production will eat about 115-120 grams per day (about 4 ounces). One bag can feed over 200 layers for a day.

The world’s best nutritionists, using knowledge from all over the world, with the best ingredients available, formulate NUTRAMIX® feeds. NUTRAMIX® layer feeds are well know for high peaks, and a very persistent curve . . . your birds keep on laying more and longer!


You would not feed your baby with grown-up food, would you?  Well, baby pigs need feeds made especially for them, and older pigs need their own feeds too. Depending on the type of farm and the animals you are feeding, you may decide to use NUTRAMIX® or NPG feeds. NPG feeds are a top-class feed; a bit more expensive, but it may give you better financial returns if your farm and your animals are also top-class.

Assuming that you bought your pig at about 45 pounds and will grow it up to 200 pounds, you will need 7 or 8 bags per animal.

NUTRAMIX® feeds are only made with whole grains, grain-byproducts and soybean meal as main ingredients, for healthy, safe, tasty Pork.

Make sure you buy or breed animals designed to grow fast and lean. In-bred animals will not give you a good carcass and will give lots of fat. Grow them as fast as you can, so that they are still young when they reach market weight. Early growth is more efficient and far leaner!

Yes, we often have top-class breeding animals available from our sister company, Newport Genetics. To purchase these top-class animals, contact the Technical Sales Representative in your area.


That depends on a lot of factors, and you may even need different feeds for different groups of animals. The concentrate feed selected needs to be supplementary to the other feeds provided, like pasture, middlings, silage, etc. We also need to take into account at what stage of lactation your animals are in, so as to adjust the feed-type and/or the amount. Consult with your Technical Sales Representative for detailed advice.

Dairy farmers need to be very sure that they feed their cows with wholesome and safe feed to produce safe milk, cheese and butter. NUTRAMIX® is produced in a certified Jamaican factory, to ensure the feed is safe and fresh. It allows the dairy farmer and the processor to be assured of being part of the Safe Food movement.