– The Gleaner

A small, lush four-and-a-half-acre farm in Brae’s River, St Elizabeth, is the weekend office of Deleen Powell – a charismatic young professional and new pig farmer.

Intelligent, with an electric smile and welcoming nature, Powell is serious about the business of farming and is currently maturing 41 piglets to market weight along with four sows on her farm.

Despite having a full-time job as the public relations officer at the National Environment and Planning Agency, Powell finds time to commute from Kingston to St Elizabeth on the weekends to manage her fledgling farm. She is also pursuing a master’s degree in telecommunication management and telecom policy at the Mona School of Business and Management.

Getting Started in the Business

Originally from Mandeville, Manchester, Powell’s farm is a joint venture with her business partner, Damion Newman. A young Jamaican who is currently living overseas, Newman plans to return to Jamaica to assist with the operation of the farm by the end of the year.

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