CB Group Reduces Prices Again

For the second time this year, CB Group reduces prices of locally produced goods.

Effective April 20th, 2015, the company will lower its prices, right across the board, for all their business lines, which includes their flagship brand in the CB Foods division – CB Chicken, their fresh pork line – Copperwood Pork, their convenient ready to eat line – Caribbean Passion, their Grade A egg brand – Chippenham Eggs, their Omega enriched Smart Egg line and lastly their Bad Dawg Sausages program.

The good news also extends to farmers, who will also see a price reduction on purchases of all Nutramix animal feeds.

As with a similar decrease seen just a few months ago, in January 2015, further reduction in some key input costs, such as grains, has given the company the ability to reduce their selling prices and pass on savings to the trade.

Dr. Keith Amiel, Corporate Affairs Manager explained that, “If you’ve been following the commodity markets, you’d realize that grains have been trending downwards which have allowed us to purchase our raw materials at better prices and this has in turn allowed us to pass savings on to the consumers”.

He further shared that “When the markets are going North we are forced to pass on the price increase to the market and so naturally, when things go the other way, its only right that we pass on the savings as well.

On an average, reduction in the food division will be as follows:

Chicken $2.50 per kg
Pork $2.00 per kg
Eggs $1.00 per dozen

Similarly, in terms of the agriculture division, on average:

Animal Feeds $50.00 per bag or $ 2000.00 per tonne

“We encourage our customers to also be sensitive to the economic situation and to pass on these savings to the consumers” Amiel said in closing.